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Trading Updates

Stock Updates

Aercus/Fine Offset Parts - Secured

  • Transmitter for WS3083
  • Transmitter for WS3083 with UV sensor
  • Anemometer for WS1093, WS2083, WS3083

We have reserved some stocks of these from Aercus in New Zealand. Unfortunately, Amazon are currently restricting quantities into their warehouses which means we need to source an alternative for fulfilment and storage or wait for capacity to become available. This is proving challenging for a number of reasons, but is ongoing. Once resolved these will be sent by air freight.

Current Products - Out of Stock

  • Console WS3083, WS3085
  • Sensors WS3085
  • WS3085 complete stations

These are all are on backorder and will be shipping soon to both the UK and EU. There are currently extended - multiple week - delays for sea freight, at the UK ports and in getting goods booked into Amazon for delivery to their facilities.

All other parts are available in the UK. Currently due to export restrictions placed by Amazon, claimed to be due to Brexit, on their small selling "partners" we are unable to send any parts not stored in the EU to EU customers.

COVID-19: Trading Update

All products are available and can be delivered via Amazon's delivery network. We are not aware of any current delays.

With world shipping massively disrupted, and it is unknown whether there will be an impact at the border for incoming stocks due to Brexit, all preorder dates are best estimates.

Brexit: Trading Update

Amazon have suspended all UK-originated, cross border shipments. This may change as a Brexit trade deal has been agreed, but we have no information as to if and when this will occur. All outstanding orders will be refunded and we are working towards finding an alternative. We are very sorry to all of our EU friends that this has happened - we are a small business at the mercy of the policies of governments and multi-billion-dollar corporates, and there is very little we can do.


Recently, all change-of-mind returns have been marked by Amazon as customer damaged, even after careful packaging by the returnee. We strongly recommend insuring any returns as we have no control of how Amazon assess returns, and cannot provide refunds in these circumstances.

This message will be updated with further news as this becomes clear.


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